Today happened something epic. This morning I tried to pay on a gas station with my Bitwala Visa PrePaid Card and the transaction was declined. Let us forget that this was an embarrassing situation and that my card balance was topped up. That card was simply blocked by the partner of Bitwala, MyChoice Corporate. But why?

After trying to reach MyChoice's customer service and got nothing more as a synthetic voice which told me that my card was cancleled and I should order a new one, I tried to figure out more details from Bitwala's side and found them at their official Twitter account.

Following an announcement from our card issuer on behalf of Visa Europe, Bitwala cards are taken out of operation starting today. Our team is holding an emergency meeting to resolve the issue with the card holders best interest in mind and will make an update shortly.

Well, at this time, Bitwala is heavily working on a solution and I absolutly trust this company. But, the reason is really interesting. Officially it seems that the partner Wavecrest is the problem here, because currently all issued cards in conncection to Wavecrest are affected.

However, this could also be the beginning of active firering on crypto partners by VISA. Are they in fear? This is really speculative but another big plus for avoiding banks and use real crypto currencies. Not things like Ripple, I mean real crpyto currencies.

Well, at this moment we only can wait for official accouncements. Not only Bitwala is affected, also TenX and others.

What could you do else? Be patient and do not DoS your customer support, their heads are full now to find a solution for us, their customers.

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